Petuum's mission is to make even the most advanced AI technology accessible and affordable by everyone who needs it.

We provide a flexible Machine Learning platform and interface for all industries and markets across the board. We enable vertical AI and ML solutions in healthcare, utilities, manufacturing, telecommunications, internet, autonomous driving, and beyond.

About Petuum

Today’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) solutions are expensive, high-maintenance, skill-intensive, and difficult to reproduce and mass distribute. Such solutions are also extremely specialized in their applications and functions, and rely on maintenance by a select few developers. AI is currently inaccessible to those who would benefit from it the most.

Petuum's mission is to virtualize and standardize AI and ML programming and computing, and transform it into a simple-to-use, transparent, repeatable, and everyday tool for all enterprises.

There has been limited adoption of AI and ML in enterprises from a broader industry perspective, and Petuum aims to dramatically improve the adoption rate by lowering the barrier to AI and ML solutions. By virtualizing a standard set of AI and ML components and turning them into a commodity, Petuum is lowering the cost of ownership and making these solutions readily accessible and deployable across industries.

AI and ML software cannot be limited to one-off, task-specific products created by corporate research and development labs. By democratizing access to a standardized, customizable general AI software platform, Petuum is enabling the eventual integration of AI into the foundation of every industry, driving higher productivity, better service, lower costs, and faster delivery.

Petuum’s goal is not only to democratize the processes underlying the creation of AI systems, but to put practical AI into the hands of any and every organization that needs it.


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