Petuum transforms the process of creating AI and ML solutions from slow, expensive, unrepeatable and hard to transport craftsmanship into fast, affordable, repeatable, transportable and standardized industrial production.


The Petuum Operating System (PetuumOS) provides the software fabric beneath enterprise-scale AI solutions, allowing them to take maximum advantage of both general-purpose and customized hardware infrastructures across different computing paradigms, such as distributed computer clusters and networks of embedded devices.

With PetuumOS, mounting and using existing AI and ML programs are as simple as drag-and-play actions via a graphical user interface. Building new programs on various computing infrastructures such as a data centers, GPU clusters, or IoT systems is just as easy as standard programming on a universal virtual machine using popular existing programming languages.


Petuum Poseidon is a specialized framework powered by PetuumOS. Poseidon supports highly efficient Deep Learning Computing and Programming on general-purpose or customized hardware infrastructures across different computing paradigms.

Poseidon allows users to build new ML and DL models with cutting-edge designs that cannot be easily produced in other development languages. Poseidon also allows users to run and manage existing DL programs written for popular software (such as TensorFlow), or to create new ML and DL models using various development languages such as TensorFlow, Caffe, and especially DyNet – Petuum’s preferred DL language that natively supports the newest generation of dynamic DL models for natural language processing and video analysis.

Petuum Healthcare Solutions

The Petuum healthcare software system, PetuumMed, provides end-to-end artificial intelligence functions needed in healthcare applications. It easily turns electronic medical records including medical notes, images, vitals, lab tests, genomic data, etc, into meaningful information sources for computational clinical support.

PetuumMed offers medical practitioners second opinions for disease diagnosis and possible treatment recommendations. Our program helps improve the productivity of medical practitioners, by accurately extracting symptoms, diseases, drugs, and other key terms from the medical notes to aid the clinical workflows. PetuumMed can also effectively generate diagnoses from medical images such as chest x-rays to help detect diseases such as tuberculosis, with accuracy comparable to a trained medical professional, offering a prompt second medical opinion.