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November 27, 2019
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Petuum Named to 30 Great Places To Work List

We at Petuum are incredibly humbled to be named by CIO Bulletin as one of the 30 Great Places to Work 2019.

As someone lucky enough to be part of this super talented team, it has been amazing to watch how this team works from the inside.

With over 50+ top tier Machine Learning (ML) engineers in the world, I observe firsthand the drive and vision of the team eager to tackle the world’s biggest Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ML challenges. And more importantly, making AI/ML easy for anyone to adopt! Unlike others who have mostly been repeating similar ML techniques, Petuum’s ML engineers take extra steps to create the most cutting-edge innovations that solve real-world challenges!

This is evident by CEMEX, a top global building materials company, who was finally able to achieve unprecedented business results with Petuum’s Industrial AI that wasn’t possible with other technologies. By partnering with Petuum, CEMEX achieves a combined yield increase and energy savings of 7%. In the cement industry, even 1% savings is a HUGE deal, so these results boosted CEMEX to another level.

Another important innovation mentioned by CIO Bulletin is Petuum’s Neurobots. These are groundbreaking AI technologies that businesses can incorporate into any business applications or processes, including robotic process automation (RPA).

If you have ever done any work in AI/ML, you know that you spend close to 90% of your time in data preparation, data cleansing. Neurobots shines at this stage by eliminating the tremendous time sink in the data preparation process.

Kaibot, for example, is built from the very beginning to understand language. Unlike 99% of the chatbot tools out in the market where you have to spend months building a dialog flow, our customers are surprised to learn that this tedious process virtually disappears with Kaibot.

Another unique value that Petuum provides is the ability to complete a project in a short amount of time. This is vastly different from other AI vendors who are only interested in locking you into multi-year AI projects where the results are often unclear.

We’d love to hear more about the business challenges you are currently facing. Fill out the form below or drop us a note at You might get a chance to experience firsthand how real AI works!

Read more about why Petuum was selected to this list: CIO Bulletin 30 Great Places to Work 2019.

Originally published at on November 27, 2019.

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