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July 6, 2018
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Congratulations! Wei “David” Dai in Pittsburgh’s 30 Under 30

We are thrilled to share the news that our own Senior Director of Engineering, David Dai, has been named one of Pittsburgh’s 30 Under 30 by the Pittsburgh Business Times!

We are very proud of David and feel lucky to have him on the Petuum team. He’s been a part of our mission from the beginning — David met Petuum CEO and founder Dr. Eric Xing at Carnegie Mellon University as a PhD student in 2012. Along with several other core team members, David and Eric worked on the vision that eventually became Petuum — to industrialize AI and make even the most advanced ML technology accessible for anyone.

At Petuum, we pursue this mission by solving large-scale ML problems more efficiently with parallel computing. We develop products that allow users to build and customize ML solutions without needing prior knowledge of advanced computer science. This way, AI can be integrated into the foundation of every industry, driving higher productivity, better service, lower costs, and faster delivery.

Because of his AI and engineering expertise, David is well equipped to oversee the work of product managers, designers, and engineering managers in shaping product design, as well as the work of backend, frontend, and ML engineers and data scientists in building Petuum’s products.

Beyond his formal duties, David has played a key role in building the welcoming and supportive culture we foster at Petuum. He’s known among coworkers for hosting “tech talks” — weekly seminars with engineers to share deep dives into technical topics — and using that time to highlight and recognize team members’ contributions. David also plays an active role in the Pittsburgh community by volunteering at the Light of Life shelter to assist with their ministry to the homeless, among other philanthropic endeavors.

We couldn’t be happier that David has been recognized as one of 30 outstanding young business leaders in Pittsburgh. To learn more about David’s passions and work, check out our “Getting to Know David Dai” blog post. And, if you’re interested in career opportunities working with technology leaders like David to industrialize AI, check out our careers page!

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