The Composable Platform for Automatic and Scalable MLOps

Transform your MLOps from craft production into a repeatable assembly line process.

A New Kind of ML Platform

Unparalleled Flexibility

Compose custom infrastructure or pipelines easily using unified configuration and data formats

Simplify Development to Deployment

Seamlessly scale pipelines from local development to batch execution and online serving (REST or streaming) in production

Minimize Glue Code

Less effort in workarounds due to different formats or incompatible schemas

Accelerate end-to-end cycles

Automate the tedious parts of MLOps/Infra and ML Engineering workflows. Focus on your expertise

Data Engineer

  • Aggregate data sources

  • Extract & transform data

  • Feature engineering

  • Manage training data

Data Scientist

  • Select models & features

  • Train & test models

  • Tune hyperparameters

  • Experiment & compare models

ML Engineer

  • Build training pipelines

  • Build model serving APIs

  • Scale training & serving

  • Optimize performance

MLOps Engineer

  • Manage production releases

  • Monitor ML deployment

  • Scale & secure infrastructure

  • Optimize infrastructure cost

Empower Your Team Across The ML Lifecycle

The Petuum Platform Stack

Built with Composibilty, Automation, Scale, Speed, and Cost in Mind

Any Integration

Integrate any application, code, or image to orchestrate and automate infrastructure management

Training Manager

Manage models & tune hyper-parameters across all pipeline stages with less time and lower compute cost

Deployment Manager

Seamlessly scale pipelines from local development to batch or online (HTTP or streaming) serving in production

CASL Open Source

Use award winning modular tools to train in 80% less time, simplify NLP, simplify annotation and more

Universal Pipeline Representation

Compose pipelines using unified configuration and data formats that seamlessly connect development and deployment

Composable Al Operating System

Compose, manage, and monitor your own custom ML infrastructure that spans multiple systems on a single pane of glass


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