AI Automation for

Customer Care

No coding or AI experience required

AI as Simple as 1-2-3

Enabling anyone to automate their tasks by using state-of-the-art AI

1. Discover
Accelerate your time to value with a diverse library of pre-built workflows

2. Customize
Tailor your workflow to fit your unique needs using plain language – no coding or AI experience required

3. Launch
With a single button and forget it. Let the AI take it from there

Introduce Next-Gen AI to Your Workflows


Writes, draws and creates professional content


Easily learns different tasks with few examples


Follows your instructions in natural language

Powerful AI, Effortless Integration, Unlimited Uses


Large models like ChatGPT have the capability to apply to a virtually unlimited number of use cases. Talk to us today about getting started.

10 min

Solve Customer Issues While You Sleep

Use AI to:

Extract topics from incoming emails

Search for topics in internal knowledge base, etc.

Produce better answers and suggestions for operators

5 min

Deeper Understanding from Social Listening

Use AI to:

Classify branded tweets as Positive, Negative, or Neutral
Extract topics & products associated with the different classifications
Alert the marketing and product teams

Classify branded tweets as positive, negative, or neutral

Extract topics and issues associated with the classifications

Alert the marketing and product teams of potential problems

15 min

Personalized Notes to Drive Productivity

Use AI to:

Transcribe a Zoom meeting from video to text

Understand the discussions important to your team

Summarize the meeting for all the stakeholders