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MLOps World - Machine Learning In Production

MLOps World, June 7th - 10th. Workshop “Supercharging MLOps with the Petuum Platform” Tuesday, June 7th at 4pm EST. Register here:

A Uniquely Interactive Experience2nd Annual MLOps World Conference on Machine Learning in Production. Join our community of over 9,000 members as we learn best practices, methods, and principles for putting ML models into production environments.Why MLOps? MLOps World will help you put machine learning models into production environments; responsibly, effectively, and efficiently. We’ll be covering topics such as Version Management CI/CD Architecture for Model Deployment Pipeline Scheduling Optimizations Feature Engineering Feature Store Design and Maintenance Effective Data/Machine Learning Strategies New Research And more!Come share your stories and join us June 14-17thCreated in collaboration with MLOps Community.

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