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September 10, 2018
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Petuum and Cleveland Join Forces For AI XPrize Competition

At Petuum, we firmly believe that humans can and should collaborate with AI technology to build things that make the world better. Our mission is to industrialize AI and make the technology widely accessible and usable so that, with our intuitive machine learning building blocks, anyone can create an AI solution that addresses challenges big and small.

We are excited to announce that we are collaborating with Cleveland Clinic, a leading academic medical center, on the submission of an AI-powered diagnostic tool to the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE challenge. XPRIZE is an open challenge sponsored by IBM Watson to develop AI technology that collaborates with humans to address societal challenges. The multi-year competition closed its latest submission round on September 8 with 62 teams competing worldwide.

Petuum is working with Cleveland Clinic to deploy, test, and validate an Artificial Intelligence Diagnosis Engine (AIDE) tool which will provide clinical diagnostic support to physicians and other healthcare workers. The AIDE tool is powered by Petuum’s AI platform, which applies advanced machine learning algorithms to medical record data. The tool includes a Diagnostic Coding Solution with ICD-10 or equivalent code prediction and diagnoses reconciliation.

The primary goal of this tool is to increase the accuracy and efficiency of the diagnostic process, thereby decreasing the amount of time healthcare providers spend on tedious tasks like paperwork and data entry, and enabling them to spend more quality time with patients.

We are proud to work with such an innovative hospital and research center, and we’re excited to continue collaborating on AI applications for healthcare.

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